Life is like…the first book in a series

by Angela - on March 1, 2012

When middle graders (for whom my Fifties Chix books are written) read my books, they aren’t too concerned about a “cliffhanger” ending; but adults more often than not are less patient. Reviews come in from adults where one of their “complaints” about the first Fifties Chix book, Travel to Tomorrow, is that the book sets up the premise of the series and poses lots of questions, but fewer answers (until subsequent books).

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To this I say, welcome to life. How do kids get this more readily than adults? Kids know that this is exactly what a first book in a series is going to do: set some stuff up, get you asking some questions and tell you to buckle up and hang on tight for the rest of the ride. Hopefully, that first book will also whet your appetite so that you’re looking forward to the next book. I actually didn’t think T2T had a big cliffhanger ending; in fact, it answers a big question posed earlier in the book. But maybe we adults have gotten too spoiled by 22 minute sit-coms where we get a complete story in under a half hour, questions answered and plot tied into a tidy bow. I happen to like surprises and anticipation…one of the perks of my job. Being creative, one way or another, you have to learn to be comfortable with not having all the answers right away (In my creativity class in college, this was referred to as “being comfortable with disequilibrium.”)

So, I promise that answers are coming in books 2, 3, 4, 5…but so are more questions (but not as bad as Lost. Nothing I write will torture you like Lost). As for life? I can’t promise you answers wrapped in a pretty package, but I can promise to try to make the journey a little bit more scenic.

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AbaGayle March 8, 2012 at 10:29 am

My sister loves that show, Lost. WAY too many cliffhangers, but since she was on Netflix. . .it was all good.(: I loved the sneak peek! I cannot wait until the entire book comes out! Yaaaaaaaaay. 😀

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