Sneak Peek at Book 3 via eBook Sale!

by Angela - on January 10, 2013

I love all of my offspring (my paper children, my word infants, my book babies!), but this one, my tenth book and the third book in the Fifties Chix series, is extra special (please don’t tell the others. Especially book 4, which I am writing now). In Third Time’s a Charm, we got World War II history, Civil War history, the 1950s and present day. We’ve got twists, turns, new characters, old characters, maps and family trees, questions, answers and mysteries. Really, the only thing this book doesn’t do is gush delicious chocolate onto a spoon and feed you (and if you discover that is does, will you please include that in your review of the book?).

HOWEVER, no birth comes without lots of, uh, growth for the mother, often times the result of unexpected challenges. Our little challenge with FC baby #3 is that we’ve been promoting a 99¢ sale! But…

…due to circumstances beyond our control, we were just notified that Amazon has changed their pricing structure and will no longer allow us to sell Fifties Chix: Third Time’s a Charm for less than $1.99.  To make up for this unexpected change in Amazon’s policy, my awesome publisher [midwife?]–who wants you to read happy–is offering to send you a promo code for $1.00 off any of the Fifties Chix print titles. Just email me proof of your purchase of Third Time’s a Charm ebook and I’ll email you the promo code.*

We love Fifties Chix readers and are so grateful for your support…we want you to read happy, always. And we still need your help getting Fifties Chix: Third Time’s a Charm to #1 on Amazon! (And it’s still a bomb-diggity price at under two bucks!).

Thanks for understanding and thanks in advance for spreading the word about Fifties Chix positive message for young teen readers–and getting Third Time’s a Charm to #1 today!

Here’s how:

1) Click here to go to Amazon.
2) Click “Buy as Gift” or “Buy Now” yellow buttons on right. Gifts (link to ebook) will be emailed to recipient (can be read on computer, phone or ereader).
3) Read happy.
4) Email me your proof of purchase of the ebook so I can email you the promo code for a dollar off any Fifties Chix print book*

*Promo code good for Fifties Chix books purchased on FastPencilPremiere’s website.

Next week: 1/15/13 — Snafu-free launch of the print book of Third Time’s a Charm! It’s a girl! (Um, it’s five girls, actually…)

Happy reading!

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