Girl Sees Hearts

by Angela - on February 15, 2013

I’m freaking out a little. It’s so cool! I found my heart twin! “Using his iPhone, Eric Telchin [Boy Sees Hearts] has photographed these and 4,000 other heart-shaped objects since first spotting a heart-shaped puddle of chocolate ice cream on his kitchen counter in July 2009,” says Publisher’s Weekly. And he’s got a book. And he says, “Love is all around if you pay attention.” When I look at his pics (taken with his iPhone) they could’ve come right off of my iPhone! (But he’s been so awesomely dedicated at taking it to a whole new level.)

Yesterday, Whit laughed at me when I stopped dead in a busy QT gas station parking lot to look at schmutz on the ground that was a perfect heart. (I didn’t snap a picture because the truck coming up behind me wasn’t interested in using the brakes.) Whit’s gotten used to me yelling “Heart!”–though one of us may be in the middle of a sentence–because I see a heart.

Then there’s this post I wrote about hearts I photograph. And so many pics on Facebook. And on Instagram. And my Pinterest heart board. And my tumblr. I LOVE THAT HEARTS ARE EVERYWHERE!!!  I can’t wait to get Eric’s book (and check out his other products, like the alphabet! In the mean time, check out Eric’s daily heart(s) here.

My latest heart:

Even in the cold of winter:::LOVE.

And still my favorite:

My favorite!! This says it all.

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