UMission Person of the Week says: Keep going!

by Angela - on December 3, 2014

Spoiler alert: I am’s Person of the Week!! Yes, that was the cheering you’ve been hearing this week. Apologies if it has been distracting. I love this organization, whose mission is for you to have a wonderful life.

Yours Truly is Person of the Week at!

In this candid interview, I reveal personal details that have never been shared publicly (including my “worst” and “best” days and how I cope); I offer advice to writers, artists, and creatives; and I note “the beautiful symmetry of Petalwink – I have the promise that these ideas work because I have had to live them.” Check out the whole interview here:

“Just telling Petalwink’s message means I have to live it. As strange as it might sound, I look at Petalwink and say, ‘If this were a Petalwink story that I was writing, what would Petalwink do?’ There have been a number of times that I have thought that there’s a lesson in there somewhere and so the Petalwink stories come to mind and I think I too must live that message – forgiveness, believing in yourself, sportsmanship, how to be a good friend. Before or after or during writing these stories I’ve had to actually put those messages into practice in my life….This work has brought my spiritual practice in alignment with my every day life. I do not keep those separate.”

Thanks,, for the recognition and for the inspiring work you do!

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