-As you can see from the picture above, I like to make stuff (that’s me making stuff when I was much, much younger). Now I write for kids that age.

-I’m a writer, educator, speaker, mural artist, illustrator, designer, and painter (you can see my work on this site; check out the tabs above), and eater of avocados and chocolate (usually not at the same time, but it has happened).

-I wrote and illustrated the seven book series about Petalwink the Fairy currently being adapted into a flying musical.

-I wrote the five book Fifties Chix time traveling friends series for middle grade readers about 5 teens who time travel from 1955 to present day. The first book, Travel to Tomorrow was even a 2011 Goodreads Readers Choice Nominee and bestseller on Amazon!

-I wrote and with one of my BFFs c0-created and co-produced Bottom Little Theatre, a comedy about best friends, big dreams, and little theatre.

– I’m often asked “why” I’m an author, or why I’m inspired to write certain books or series. The easy answer is that I love it! But there’s another answer, too. The easy answer is that I love it! But there’s another answer, too. When I consider my life purpose and clearly define it for myself every day (and tweak it a little each time), it consistently comes down to this: “To master [“put to skillful use”] my creativity and joy to heal and inspire others to recognize their true innocence, child-likeness, and glory.” A major way I’m fulfilling my purpose is by creating good content (ie, content of substance that is fun and enriching, not dark or degrading) to celebrate indomitable, courageous, spirited girls. Girls need to see strong, fresh, unique, positive, active heroes that they can relate to and/or aspire to. Having said that, of course we see the importance of getting the same positive messages to boys and it’s just as necessary for them to see good, strong female characters in the story lines I write. How vital it is that we cherish the unlimited potential in each child and in each person we meet, regardless of their gender (or race, or any physical attributes)!swirls_red