I’m often asked “why” I’m an author, or why I’m inspired to write certain books or series. The easy answer is that I love it! But there’s another answer, too. When I consider my life purpose and clearly define it for myself every day (and tweak it a little each time), it consistently comes down to this: “To master [“put to skillful use”] my creativity and joy to heal and inspire others to recognize their true innocence, child-likeness, and glory.”** A major way I’m fulfilling my purpose is by creating good content (ie, content of substance that is fun and enriching, not dark or degrading) to celebrate brave, multi-faceted girls (hence my Strong Girls x Good Books logo)

An ongoing conversation we are having with readers and other interested parties is, “What about boys? Why don’t you write something for boys; they need it, too.” No doubt! One of the reasons we’re specifically marketing to girls is because there is an organized concerted effort to market to girls that devalues everything good that they are by sexualizing them and undermining their worth. When people (girls) feel like they have nothing to contribute, they may be less likely to contribute. Girls need to see strong, fresh, unique, positive, active heroes that they can relate to and/or aspire to. Having said that, we definitely see the importance of getting the same positive messages to boys and it’s also necessary for them to see good, strong female characters in the story lines I write.

With the massive onslaught of marketing propaganda (billions of dollars a year) directed at girls that their worth is to be found in how they appear (not what they achieve), what they wear (not what they believe), and what size they are (not what they do), it’s no wonder that girls are celebrated for being ornamental and little else. “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any” (Alice Walker).

There are many areas where we have the opportunity to take back the true worth of girls and celebrate their substance and uniqueness; I started where my heart is: with books. If you agree with me and want to add your voice, please buy, read, and share my books and visit these websites:

Pigtail Pals and Ballcap Buddies
New Moon Girls
The Representation Project
Geena Davis Institute on Media & Gender
Powered by Girl

**My favorite way to define my purpose is from the Sermon on the Mount: “You’re here to be light, bringing out all the God-colors in the world.” (The Message, Matt. 5:16)




The Adaptation of Petalwink Book Series into a Flying Musical

Petalwink musical NO OVAL-No Glownew show for young audiences starring the plucky purple-haired Petalwink the Fairy, who has to save her friends and her home, Newman Forest, by believing in herself and learning to fly. Featuring an original singable pop score by Broadway composer Deborah Hurwitz.

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Coaching Services for Budding Authors

I OFFER COACHING SERVICES for BUDDING AUTHORS. Are you interested in generating much-needed positive content? I offer coaching services and would love to help you find your voice and realize your dream of writing and publishing your book. Contact me today!