Writing & Publishing

It’s an interesting time in the publishing world, the film industry, the music industry and the art industry. Small players are becoming the major players; thanks to the Internet, artists, musicians and writers are finding ways to share their work with the world in unconventional ways. I’m still a fan of the printed page, the painted canvas (or watercolor paper most often in my case), and the silver screen, but I’m inspired by all the options constantly unfolding in how to get my message out.

Things change so fast, and information is so readily available, sometimes it feels like a free-for-all; courtesy, common decency and consideration for things sacred get lost in the rush. The most obvious examples are in the things that are being deliberately marketed to kids, that frankly, makes my skin crawl.


My first “property,” Petalwink the Fairy, evolved out of my desire to cherish the sweetness and innocence of my childhood and pass it along to a new generation of girls-who-have-so-much-potential-to-change-the-world-for-the-better-it’s-staggering. Instead of skipping over the delight of childhood to acting like teenagers or popstars, what if girls could see just some of the greater good and their connection to it? What if, instead of focusing on the superficialities of body image, celebrity, and material wealth, they learned right away that who they are is everything they need? What if that sweet confidence was full to brimming over so that generosity was a natural consequence?

I know, I know, it seems pretty lofty for a little fairy to bear! But our idea, that Petalwink is a G.I.F.T:

Giving: Petalwink teaches girls how to love themselves and empower them to give to others; charity is fundamental to brand and charitable donations are made with each purchase of a Petalwink product;

Imagination: Involving Petalwink Pals by encouraging imagination and creativity with stories, interactive web site, fun innovative products that continue the Petalwink story in their own voice;

Faith: The Petalwink brand encourages girls to believe in the greater good, in themselves and in their own potential;

Timelessness: Petalwink is a timeless concept based on friendship, adventure, loyalty, kindness, community service and individual expression, all of which outlive passing trends…

…means that she represents something substantial; our intention is that every time Petalwink is spotted…in her series of books or any licensed treasures (soon to come), she will serve as a reminder of the sweetness and innocence of little girls–that, mark my words!–will save the world (music swells here)! The challenge will ever be to keep such loftiness light and fun and not didactic! I’m so excited to know that I am not alone in this vision; there is a “good girl revolution” afoot and it is downright life-affirming! Character education can be fun because it is liberating.

Petalwink is telling her initial story through seven books in the series Good Things Come on Tiny Wings: The Adventures of Petalwink the Fairy®. With each story, Petalwink learns a fundamental truth about herself, life, relationships with others and her place in the world. I love writing these stories because I am forced to live the message that I’m writing! She is then not just a lifestyle brand, but the brand of my lifestyle, and her stories are authentic.


Are days gone by of “simpler times” just a distant memory? The more I read and the more I learn, the more I think that’s not the case. My chapter book series for teens, the Fifites Chix takes a fun look at friendship, time travel, and history through the eyes of five girls in 1955 who wake up one morning to find themselves inexplicably (at first) in 2005.