How to…

Do you dream of writing and publishing a children’s book? If you’ve been unable to follow through and hold your own book in your hands…

what’s stopping you from moving forward?

Are you frustrated that you can’t get any traction with publishers?
Are you unsure of next steps?
Are you having difficulties managing your time (I like to call this “managing your focus;” it sounds cooler)?

There will always be a reason (more like 85) why you can’t move forward with your children’s book. But very rarely are those reasons valid enough to keep your positive and creative idea to yourself and squelch your dream.

Take this survey I put together to check in with future children’s book authors. If you haven’t published your children’s book yet, answer these five quick questions. When you do, let me know so I can send you the survey results from everyone else (they’ll be anonymous, of course). You should know: you’re not alone! You’d do me a big favor by taking the survey, but I think you’ll find it helpful, too, in thinking through your project.

I’ve been where you are…12 times! The good news is, it does get easier. It’s supposed to be fun. But it will still require your commitment and enthusiasm. But believe me… It’s all worth it when you are holding your own book in your hands.

Imagine that! I’d love to help! While everyone’s plowing through their book club reading lists, you could be plowing through writing and publishing your own book.

I’m currently accepting coaching clients who are future children’s book authors just like you.

I want nothing more than to empower others to create positive content for kids and to share the feeling I’ve had each time one of my books is published: humbled, exhilarated, thrilled, giddy, triumphant. I, like you, believe that there is a great need and opportunity for positive, character-rich and fun content for kids’ books.

As for the publishing part? My writing and publishing mentor told me when I first got started, “It’s not rocket science.” But it makes all the difference in the world to have someone on your team who can:
*  reveal to you all the secrets, tips and tricks of the trade;
*  help you develop a writing and publishing plan and timeline customized just for you;
*  give you lists of resources, saving you time and money;
*  provide proven techniques to break through writers’ block;
*  coach you on how to navigate an ever-changing publishing industry so you can publish, sell and market your book;
*  hold you accountable and cheer you on.

If you’re stuck, I’d love to help you get unstuck.
Let’s get your book into the hands of readers asap!

Contact me right away to get more information and be included in the next group!

In the mean time, here are some videos I did for a few years back.